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We are forerunners of new energy. Being a forerunner and doing great things takes a lot of determination, wisdom and imagination. Our strength lies in our people. We are all individuals with our own special experience, knowledge and expertise. We share the same values and attitude to boldly go where no engineer has gone before. This is the essence of The Switch way to advance the world with electrical drive trains.

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Meet the Switchians

The stories of our people are the stories of The Switch. After all, the true value of any company is in its people. The Switchians create solutions that make the change. They touch the lives of our customers all over the world. They make up a network that has the strength to pave the way for a better future. Get to know some of our people, how they experience life at The Switch, as well as their passions and goals.


Tuomo, Engineering Manager


What I love about motorcycling is that you get closer to nature than by just sitting in a car. You can smell all the scents around you. When I’m not speeding up, I like to slow down by spending time with my twin daughters, exercising and using my vocal chords singing in a choir.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been interested in how different machines work – for example, I disassembled and tried to reassemble motorcycles. This is how I ended up studying mechanical engineering and started my career in that field.

I ended up at The Switch after working on a project with the company through my previous job. I was instantly fascinated by the industry The Switch operates in – environmentally friendly technology. What I love about working here is that we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the technology and become eco-friendlier. We don’t get stuck in the past but constantly move forward. Both at work and at home, I like to be in constant movement.


Maria, Sourcing Manager

I absolutely love working with different people and on great teams! I got into this field after noticing how much I enjoy working with suppliers, only to find out after I got here what kind of amazing people work at The Switch. When I’m not at work, I spend time with my friends and balance myself by hitting the gym. On the weekends, I go social dancing to live music, a hobby of mine for a long time.

My job takes me around Finland and Norway, and nothing is better than an interesting conversation on a tiny Norwegian mountain road – except for coming home to my wool socks!

Renewable energy is a very interesting industry to work in, especially seeing the unique impact that the companies in the Vaasa area are having on the world of green solutions. I build relationships with our suppliers in the industry and work toward fruitful cooperation. I get to meet a lot of different people, and best of all, no day is like any other here at The Switch.


Henri, Quality and Environment Engineer

My interests are as versatile as my hobbies. My pastime is colored with sports, computer games, cooking and walking in nature with my dog, Jörö. Nature has always been very important to me. I need space to breathe and wander in the green forest. My passion for the environment is one of the big reasons I ended up in this field and at The Switch.

Environmental engineering was a clear choice for me, because I wanted to have an impact on the planet we all live on. I see that you can’t have separate discussions about the economy, quality of operations and the environment, but rather they all go hand in hand.

What I love about working at The Switch is that environmental considerations affect every part of our business and the entire product life cycle, which means I get to work with a lot of great people.