Switching on frequently 1/2014


Wind is here to stay

Sunny Barcelona offered an ideal setting for the EWEA 2014 Wind Energy event, although it was clear that wind power development in Spain has collapsed. This is just one example of how dynamically the wind power market can shift from one country to another.
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PMG vs DFIG – the big debate press release

Vantaa, Finland, 17 March 2014 – The Switch, a leading manufacturer of permanent magnet generators and full-power converters, released today a technology paper addressing the ongoing industry debate on drive train technology selection. With this paper, the Finnish manufacturer tackles the performance misconceptions still surrounding the main two drive train technologies that currently dominate the wind energy industry and explains why PMG with a full-power converter (FPC) will emerge as the clear drive drain technology of choice for modern wind turbines.
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Ultra Cosmic Solar’s first PVI 1000

The Switch, a leading supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications, successfully commissioned its 1 MW single module PVI 1000 solar inverter for Ultra Cosmic Solar Energy, a newly established Indian solar energy company.
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YASKAWA to bring The Switch products to Japan

Vantaa, Finland, March 10, 2014 – YASKAWA Electric Corporation (“YASKAWA”), a global manufacturer of servomotors, controllers, inverters, and industrial robots, today announced that it will be the sole supplier of The Switch megawatt-class permanent magnet generator (PMG) and full-power converter (PMG) advanced drive train packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications to the Japanese market.
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Betting against the wind?

As an investor in renewable energy, you most likely consider return on investment (ROI) to be a key metric when assessing investments in areas such as wind power. Without a doubt, this can be crucial.
– Carlo Cecchi
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Tradeoffs in China

When working in the manufacturing industry, there are many variables to juggle. Three most common ones are the price of the product, the quality of the product, and the speed of delivery.
– Reijo Takala
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US renewables business climate

When the production tax credit (PTC) expired at the end of the 2013, a record number of wind turbines were under construction. At that time, businesses were waiting for a decision from the US Congress on future renewable energy incentives. Strategic planning is very challenging for companies when the business outlook is so short. Renewable energy businesses are in need of long-term governmental incentive plans. Thankfully on April 4, 2014, the Senate Finance Committee approved a package of renewed tax breaks with a two-year PTC extension for wind energy.
– Risto Ahvo
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Breaking the limits in industrial applications

Based on our solid track record and experience in wind power, we are now actively taking our advanced drive trains to various industrial applications where breaking current technology limitations are key to lowering the cost of operations. Our permanent magnet (PM) motors, solid rotor induction motors and frequency converters help you break these limits and reach higher profitability.
– Giulio Martorelli
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PM DD shaft generators in marine applications

Although permanent magnet (PM) machines are now becoming more popular in marine propulsion applications, they have not yet had their breakthrough in ship power generation. Now by coupling a PM shaft generator with a frequency converter, ships can be powered with the maximum amount of freedom in optimizing the engine and propeller efficiencies. Additionally, a PM generator results in significant fuel savings and helps fulfill the tightening emission regulations.
– Jussi Puranen
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