Switching on frequently 1/2015

Wind is picking up; green ships are on the rise

Wind power is back in many ways. The financial crisis has changed the competitive landscape for good. The number of turbine manufacturers and supply chain players has shriveled. This is due to consolidation as well as many stepping out of the wind space, which means that supply and demand are back in better balance.
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The Switch received another order of PM shaft generators from WE Tech Solutions

Vantaa, Finland, March 24, 2015 – The Switch, a supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet (PM) generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications, received another order to deliver two PM shaft generators to WE Tech Solutions of Finland.
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CHP – a cleaner and more efficient way to generate energy

The CHP system is an ideal way to generate both electricity and heat for various heat-intensive industries. Industrial buildings, hospitals, schools and healthcare centers that have a need for their own distributed energy production can take the greatest advantage from these systems. Apart from the achievement of green gas emission requirements, the efficiency they can gain is an extra 40% compared with conventional methods to produce heat and electricity separately. Read the whole article to find out how you can increase system efficiency and make commercial CHP more affordable.
– Risto Ahvo
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Immunize yourself against fluctuating oil prices

The start of this year was marked by the hot topic of plummeting crude oil prices. While OPEC is driving down global crude oil prices, it is having less success in squeezing out the USD 250 billion clean power industry. How can you become immune to the dependency on subsidies and the wild fluctuations in oil prices?
– Carlo Cecchi
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A gearless redesign

During times of a flat economy, many proactive companies use this slow period to fruitfully rethink their operations, revamp their plants and redesign their products to better match the evolving needs of their customers. This time also gives them the chance to look for new products and solutions that save money and enable their customers to operate smarter. Is now the time to rethink your designs for a smarter approach to the future? Find out the ways to do it reading the whole article.
– Giulio Martorelli
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Technical point

Operational modes in marine shaft generator applications

Marine vessels are constantly navigating extremely fluctuating conditions as they move goods and passengers from one coast to another. Waves, wind, ice, currents and many other natural and operational conditions place highly fluctuating demands on the loads of ships throughout their voyages.
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