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Turning toward 2020

We introduced permanent magnet technology for the wind industry at the start of our company. And today, permanent magnet technology is helping to turn the tide for marine.

After more than a decade of advocating the advantages of permanent magnet (PM) technology for wind turbines, the results are in. PM generators have been fully adopted in the 5+ MW range and are the only acceptable technology for the demanding offshore environment.

Now, PM technology is helping to turn the tide in the marine industry, where vessels are working hard to comply with the upcoming strict regulations to clean up their act. In 2013, we stated that we’d be helping the marine industry make the big change by using our PM-based machines in all types of vessels for cleaner and more efficient sailing. Our message has been heard – and many large newbuild projects are specifying permanent magnet technology for shaft generators or propulsion.

The advantages for vessels are undeniable, as shipowners seek the most efficient and environmentally sustainable technology. Studies show that PM machines used for propulsion and shaft generation are at least 5% more efficient compared with conventional induction motors. These gains are significant as the industry strives for future-flexible green shipping.

Especially now as the IMO 3 regulations are coming into effect in the Baltic Sea and North Sea in 2020, the changes are also being driven by increasing legislation and compliance.

On the wind side, offshore wind is still triumphing, with a record strike price in the UK down to GBP 36.65/MWh. Offshore wind activity is also finally picking up in the US, Taiwan and Japan with concrete wind parks being planned and executed. In Japan, the new Hibiki-Nada Offshore Wind Farm is located right in the backyard of Yaskawa’s headquarters. This project has selected offshore wind turbines from MHI Vestas with our PM generator technology inside.

With our turbo business, we will be coming out to the market with our new standard motor and drive series, in the range of 250–600 kW, in the beginning of 2020. This high-speed product package has received a great response from the market, as a solution in this power range has not been readily available before now. Development for high-speed motor and drive packages continues for powers up to the 1+ MW range, with active magnet bearings for efficiency and a long bearing lifetime.

As we pause to spend time with our friends and family during the holidays, I wish you many warm regards. And I hope you, too, have a chance to recharge your batteries for an electrifying new year and exciting decade ahead!

Looking forward to continuing our journey with you in making the big switch!