Our customers can be ready and responsive to market changes by embracing our flexible business approach. This enables them to scale their growth, localize results and minimize risk.

Be well prepared for continual disruption

The Switch offers you a new working model based on agile positioning. This allows you to go beyond vertical integration and embrace a flexible and asset-light model built on financially sound principles that better respond to ever-changing market needs.

Agile positioning refers to the way that a customer and supplier work together to form a tight-knit team, constantly taking small steps in the same direction.

Agile positioning is a combination of agile product innovation and agile business model innovation. This method allows customers to become more engaged in a journey of discovery and innovation so that products and business have a greater probability of a successful outcome.

Agile product innovation

Agile product innovation in the renewable energy industry means engineering next generation technology together.

This leads to products that are tailored to specific operating conditions or breakthrough ideas for greater energy production. Each of our customers is actively involved from the start.


Agile business innovation

In the agile business concept, customers, engineering partners, suppliers and the suppliers’ suppliers share the same goal and same viable solution.

Agile business model innovation means that the suppliers and manufacturers create the best ways to work together, each focusing on the areas of their own core expertise to add value.