A gateway to Japan

Yaskawa became the sole owner of The Switch in July 2014. This gives us a firm foundation to continue advancing the world with electrical drive trains.

Who is Yaskawa

Yaskawa Electric Corporation is a world-leading provider of core technologies focused on motion control, robotics automation, and systems engineering. Since it was founded in 1915, Yaskawa Electric has provided motor applications, advancement of industrial automation, the creation of mechatronics and cutting-edge robotics. Yaskawa today employs over 15,000 persons globally in its core divisions. The company reported net sales of EUR 4 billion in 2018. For more information, visit  www.yaskawa.co.jp

Yaskawa and The Switch

Yaskawa acquired The Switch to support both companies’ strategic objectives and strengthen their international presence. The Switch will play a key role in Yaskawa’s System Engineering Division, serving as a catalyst for long-term growth.

Yaskawa provides a gateway for The Switch to sell our products to the highly potential Japanese market, while we will help Yaskawa access customers in Europe, the Americas and other Asian markets.

Wider product portfolio

With Yaskawa, we offer customers a wider product range, enhanced R&D, and engineering and sales resources. Our product portfolios complement each other well. The Switch PM machines and low-voltage converters range from 500 kW to 8.0+ MW, whereas Yaskawa offers medium-voltage converters to extend our portfolio to large wind turbines and other applications.

Together, we have now a firm foundation and the power boost needed to move forward on our fast-track path of advancing the world with electrical drive trains.