We’re switched on to your needs

The Switch Circle is our approach that gives you the greatest return on investment. We tailor each approach to best serve your business model and application. The Switch Circle is our commitment to unsurpassed service throughout all phases of your project.


The Design Switch

We give you extra resources for application know-how and engineering intelligence.

Experienced evaluation and consulting

Our consulting and design services follow a proven track record in engineering quality – from the smallest detail to a totally optimized package. Each solution is purpose-built for your application needs. We are 100% focused on selected technologies.

Professional design and R&D project execution

Careful dimensioning of generators and converters guarantees superior performance efficiency. Our machine efficiency levels reach over 98% thanks to innovative solutions and advanced materials.

Fully tested quality

We carry out extensive simulations and finite element method (FEM) design analysis. This includes aggressive type-testing for prototypes, field quality testing available up to 10 MW, and other joint testing with customers.


The Production Switch

The Production Switch is our service for a rapid ramp-up from specification freeze to first delivery – and on to quick series production.

From first prototype to volume production

Our flexible Model Factory approach accelerates project execution and provides fast, on-time deliveries. This concept allows fast ramp-ups and ramp-downs, ensures manufacturability, and most importantly, is repeatable for consistent quality. End results are better, with fewer variations, through standardized working methods. What’s unique for The Switch Model Factory is that every product is customized to meet our customers’ specifications.

Easy production set-up in new locations

We have existing production sites in Europe, China and the US. Our Model Factory approach guarantees a manufacturing system that is quickly replicated from one place to another. Advantages include the flexibility to grow, support for customer projects in different life cycle stages and scalability. We are open to setting up partnerships that best serve local and regional needs. Comprehensive hands-on training for your manufacturing personnel is provided within your specific environment.

Careful partner selection for nearly limitless capacity

We offer you the most networkable approach: one that ensures a nearly unlimited capacity to serve your needs. The Model Factory approach helps to build capacity and quickly adjust to the rapidly changing demands of the new energy industry. Through careful partner selection, we can avoid capacity limitations and offer fast deliveries. The specific roles and responsibilities of partners are thoroughly determined case-by-case.


The Proactive Switch

We provide design and technology that proactively enhance efficiency and availability. Our commitment takes all factors into consideration to extend the profitable operational lifetime of your system: solution simplicity, fewer parts, less maintenance and highest reliability.

We aim to provide you with the best possible customer care and technical support over the life cycle of your equipment. Our person-to-person services are tailored to your specific support needs.

Field services

Our field services include commissioning along with the preventive maintenance of your equipment. We provide support for your equipment throughout its complete life cycle, including field analysis and component replacement, if needed. We have a network of service partners around the world. This gives us the possibility to support you locally according to your maintenance needs.

Spare parts services

To minimize the unproductive downtime of your systems, we manage all genuine spare parts for your equipment. This means we ensure that necessary spare parts are available or delivered as fast as possible. In addition, we create specific spare parts lists for your systems to help you manage your own spare parts. We also provide tailored recommendations to enable you to reduce your spare parts inventory.

Training services

Our services do not end with a successful delivery – they continue throughout the full life cycle of our products. We ensure that our customers’ personnel receive comprehensive training at their specific sites for the implementation and maintenance of the application. Our training services include product and software training as well as training for servicing, commissioning and maintenance.

Care services

We offer a 24/7 technical support line. Our customers have direct access to our key specialists who are prepared to help with any question or concern. In addition, we offer online monitoring services that allow us to run fast routine tests and do problem solving online. This saves your time and eliminates any unproductive downtime of your systems. Our remote diagnostics allow you to focus on your operations and leave the troubleshooting to us. We also can provide you with reports about the performance of your equipment.