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Wave and tidal

Our cutting-edge technology opens up new opportunities to harness the large amounts of energy available from wave and tidal resources, and helps to create commercially-viable solutions. We are leveraging our proven solutions in multi-megawatt wind power generation to increase annual energy production of ocean energy devices and minimize their total life cycle costs.

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Combined heat and power (CHP)

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems have been gaining popularity thanks to the way they recover wasted energy and reuse it as both valuable electricity and heat. CHP is not new. It has been used successfully in some countries for over the past 30 years. Industrial buildings, high-rise apartments, hospitals, schools and healthcare centers that have a need to produce their own distributed energy stand to gain the greatest advantage with CHP systems by gaining an extra 40% in efficiency compared with conventional methods of producing heat and electricity separately.

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Gateway, USA

In 2012, The Switch made a significant CHP converter delivery to the Gateway building in White Plains, New York. Commissioning was carried out in early 2013. The installation featured 3 converters in parallel and included an HMI. This was the second 2 MW+ installation for The Switch in the New York area.

Yonkers, USA

Following on the success of the Gateway project, The Switch delivered another CHP converter to the Yonkers Waste Water Treatment plant. This innovative installation utilizes gas from the digester to create electrical power. The converter allows the plants to accurately control power production and meet grid interconnect requirements.

Water Wall Turbine, Canada

WWT selected The Switch’s 500 kW frequency converter for its innovative self-floating power plant to extract potential and kinetic energy from large, fast moving water currents for conversion into electric energy.

Atlantis Resources, UK

Atlantis chose our integrated medium-speed PM generator for its newest AR1500 turbine, one of the world’s highest yield tidal energy generation devices designed for extreme environmental conditions.

Wello Penguin, Finland

The Wello Penguin, a uniquely designed 1,600-ton vessel, utilizes a low-speed PM generator and frequency converter to capture kinetic energy and turn it into usable power while riding the waves. Special features include the vertical installation of the generator axis and the converter’s rocking platform.

One Penn Plaza, USA

The Switch was selected to provide five CHP converters to the One Penn Plaza building in New York City.

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