Power converters

Power converters

The Switch CHP converters are based on our extensively service-proven, full-power converter technology. These power converters are compatible with both permanent magnet and non-permanent magnet fixed speed synchronous generators.

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Highest level of performance

The Switch converters are based on extensively service-proven technology. We offer a full range of converters from 160 to 1600 kW. Three power classes are available: 160–500 kW, 650–800 kW and 1–1.6 MW.

The Switch converters enable the engine heat to be utilized efficiently with peak load capabilities and allow more distributed generation and automatic load sharing.

The heart of The Switch converter is an advanced air-cooled or liquid-cooled four-quadrant inverter system. The converter meets the highest standards for harmonics, flicker and fault ride-through (FRT).

The converter’s reactive power control supports grid stability by supplying reactive power on demand, which is required for optimal generator load and reactive power compensation.

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Gateway, USA

In 2012, The Switch made a significant CHP converter delivery to the Gateway building in White Plains, New York. Commissioning was carried out in early 2013. The installation featured 3 converters in parallel and included an HMI. This was the second 2 MW+ installation for The Switch in the New York area.

Yonkers, USA

Following on the success of the Gateway project, The Switch delivered another CHP converter to the Yonkers Waste Water Treatment plant. This innovative installation utilizes gas from the digester to create electrical power. The converter allows the plants to accurately control power production and meet grid interconnect requirements.

One Penn Plaza, USA

The Switch was selected to provide five CHP converters to the One Penn Plaza building in New York City.

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