The Switch – High-speed permanent magnet generator

High-speed permanent magnet generators

The Switch high-speed PMGs operate within the designed rotational speed of the engines and feature a speed range between 1000 rpm and 2000 rpm, allowing for a wide range of operation and flexible operation for energy efficiency. They offer an extremely small generator size and very high efficiency.

When coupled to an engine, these PMGs can be used with many standard engine designs. Existing synchronous or induction generators can be easily replaced with The Switch high-speed PMGs without requiring changes to the genset layout.

Variable speed genset electrical drive trains

A highly effective way to meet even the strictest requirements is to use The Switch next generation solution that consists of a variable speed genset electrical drive train with a permanent magnet generator (PMG) and power converter.

The Switch power converters are also compatible with non-permanent magnet fixed speed synchronous generators. Using the power converter allows for precise dynamic control of power feeds and also meets stringent utility codes, such as UL1741 for distributed generation. Additionally, the power converter greatly reduces any short circuit current contribution from the generator.