Power converters

Power converters

The Switch CHP converters are based on the extensively service-proven, full-power converter technology. The Switch power converters are compatible with both permanent magnet and non-permanent magnet fixed speed synchronous generators.

Using the power converter allows for precise dynamic control of power feeds and also meets stringent utility codes. The converter is UL1741 certified as a grid interconnection device. Additionally, the power converter greatly reduces any short circuit current contribution from the generator.

The converter incorporates a generator and line inverter, with optimally designed filtering at both inverter ends to meet the highest standards for harmonics, flicker and fault ride-through (FRT).

Wide power range

You can select from a series of modular full-power converters designed for grid-connected CHP applications in the range from 150 to 1600 kW. Three power classes are available: 150 – 400 kW, 650 – 800 kW and 1 – 1.6 MW.

Efficient heat and load capabilities

The Switch CHP converters utilize the engine heat efficiently with peak load capabilities and allow more distributed generation and automated load sharing.

The grid voltage and frequency can be varied according to the demands of the building occupants. In all cases, a stable power output is ensured.

Stable high-quality electricity

The generator inverter uses an optimal active front-end application to load the generator at the unity power factor. The line inverter converts the produced energy into a stable, high-quality 50/60 Hz AC voltage to provide electricity for the building or application. The power factor of both inverters is adjustable.

The Switch CHP converter’s reactive power control supports grid stability by supplying reactive power on demand. This is required for optimal generator load and reactive power compensation.