Absolute endurance

We believe that one of the most efficient ways to cut operational costs is by using advanced electrical drive trains. Our solutions to electrify vessels aim to ensure that everything – the energy source and propeller  improves the energy efficiency of a vessel and boosts the overall operating performance of the engines and propellers. 

Electric propulsion, The Switch Power Drive

Power Drive

With over 1,000 rugged power drives now in operation on hundreds of vessels, The Switch Power Drive is ready to make an impact on the world of robust seafaring. These robust drives have been thoroughly certified and proven elements within numerous systems for more than 10 years in applications ranging from propulsion to drilling.

Now they are available to discerning marine customers who seek to reduce risk by upgrading to more advanced drive train solutions, like diesel electric, hybrid or fully electric systems.

Rugged, lightweight and modular

Originally, our stainless steel marine drives were engineered and built without compromise to provide vessels with a fail-safe solution when operating in harsh marine conditions. Today, they are a key element for vessels that emit low or no emissions.

The interchangeable modules have been designed to be very compact yet offer exceptionally high power density. This makes them an ideal choice onboard any vessel. For example, a 2.7 MW drive for propulsion takes only 1.5 x 1 meter of space.

The Switch Power Drive consists of a control cabinet and power cabinet that can even be placed in separate rooms to save space. The same power modules inside the power cabinets can be used for different converters or different power drive types, enabling use of the same spare parts.

The plug-in modules can be changed by the crew in only 15 minutes, making maintenance at sea as easy as possible.

The Switch marine DC-Hub


We offer the world’s smartest solution for a multi-megawatt DC power system using a DC-Hub that ensures stable and secure operation for chosen consumers. The DC-Hub is an independent entity that can work alone or together with other DC-Hubs.

This intelligent concept increases system availability and redundancy while enabling the elimination of an AC main switchboard. It lowers initial system investment cost and operational expenses over the long run.

Masters of DC-Hub distribution

The Switch DC-Hub is built from our proven Power Drive units to provide a vessel with a flexible choice of power generation, energy storage, charging, propulsion power and clean power connected to the DC link, the backbone of the DC-Hub.

A DC-Hub consists of combinations of several basic elements. Of primary importance are the motor inverters to feed the motors from the DC link based on demand and the available power from the DC link. The propulsion motor can be virtually any type of motor, like an induction motor or a permanent magnet motor (PMM).

Batteries are an essential part of every DC-Hub due to their valuable redundancy and increased efficiency for the total system. They can be connected to the DC link using a DC/DC converter.

A unique Electronic Bus Link (EBL) can be fitted between two DC-Hubs to isolate any possible fault. This ensures an ultra-rapid split of the grid in microseconds, regardless of what kind of fault has occurred, before any further damage can be caused.