Commercial vessels

Commercial vessels face different challenges in their operations, such as the growing need for peak shaving and the ability to approach ports with tight entry regulations.

The need for increasing vessel redundancy has become significant to enable a much higher level of safety for the crew and cargo. Furthermore, these vessels need to comply with the much stricter new emission regulations coming into effect in 2020.

Our Poseidon Power offering for increased vessel redundancy and flexibility consists of the following:

  • Direct-driven permanent magnet shaft generators
  • Several operational modes, such as Power Take In (PTI) and Power Take Out (PTO)
  • DC-Hub for exceptionally efficient energy distribution

With our vast experience in commercial vessels and currently over 45 direct-driven shaft generator references operating at sea, we can help you cut back on fuel consumption significantly.

The payback time of our proven permanent magnet machine solutions can be in as little as 2 years when compared to the return on investment of an electrically excited machine.