Offshore and service vessels

In the marine industry, offshore and service vessels have the highest requirements for safety and redundancy during operation. Additionally, smooth operation is paramount for DP2 and DP3 operations.

We can help improve any vessel’s performance significantly, while reducing environmental impact and boosting economy.

Our Poseidon Power offering allows offshore and service vessel operations to be smoother and more energy efficient:

  • Hybrid technology, electric propulsion and auxiliary machines with permanent magnet technology
  • DC-Hub, Electronic Bus Link (EBL), Electronic DC Breaker (EDCB) and Yaskawa Drives
  • Genset replacements or extensions with additional batteries

We have vast experience in offshore vessel applications and offer a no-compromise marine solution.

Additionally, the entire power train is provided from a single source. This guarantees seamless operation between the permanent magnet machines and the drives.