In environmental terms, superyachts offer a huge potential for improvement. While operating in highly populated ports and cruising in shallow waters with endangered marine species, it is paramount to hold not only NOX and SOX levels at a minimum, but also any underwater noise.

Our Poseidon Power offering that enables superyachts to run more fuel efficiently and environmentally friendly consists of the following:

  • Silent, high-tech and lightweight propulsion motors for any craft
  • Minimal vibrations for maximum comfort
  • Poseidon Drives for seamless integration of the entire power train
  • Flexibility to design more space on board
  • Emission-free and quiet port arrival and departure

We help superyachts and arctic exploration vessels become part of the sustainable future by lowering their environmental impact.

Our brand-new stealth motor design cuts fuel consumption and allows onboard silence and comfortable freedom from engine vibration. Instant acceleration in all waters is guaranteed – even in icy conditions.