PMM2000M brings highest torque capacity to new marine vessels

Early 2023 will see the first deliveries of our largest permanent magnet (PM) shaft generators to shipyards. Purpose-built for the shipping giants of the sea, the PMM2000M brings maximized torque capacity with the lowest mass and inertia to fulfill the power production needs of the very largest cargo vessels – and at the same time…

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5 reasons to choose The Switch DC-Hub for your next marine project

With future marine fuels as yet undecided and the looming pressure of IMO-mandated emissions deadlines, vessel designers and owners need good options. The Switch DC-Hub is a multi-source, multi-load DC system based on standardized power drive units. It offers a wide choice of power generation, energy storage, charging, propulsion power and clean power options for…

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Patrik Holm blog

Technical notes for swift and accurate system integration

System integrators face many more complex requirements and challenges with today’s increasingly versatile and comprehensive systems for propulsion and the production of onboard electricity. As a result, system integration must now start much earlier. This means information on system components must be available earlier, especially in the case of unfamiliar new technologies and solutions that…

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