High-speed motor and drive for applications up to 1.5 MW and 15,000 rpm

High-speed electric motor and drive

High-speed motor and drive packages

We offer a complete package, including the variable speed drive and motor filters in panels, along with the electrical machine.

Each solid rotor motor can be paired with a matching Yaskawa GA700 drive to create a perfect package for ease of use. To compensate for the power factor, we have integrated an optimized sine wave filter into the same cabinet with the variable frequency drive. The sine filter improves the electricity quality by reducing harmonics, which reduces motor losses. The sine filter also eliminates voltage peaks and rise time (du/dt), improving the machine insulation lifetime and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The direct drive comes with fewer mechanical and electrical components, ensuring high availability and reducing maintenance needs.

The robust drive is preprogrammed for the specific application and matches the motor precisely with the push of a button. Reliable operation is ensured in tough environments. High IP class is standard, but extremely high IP classes are available on request.

To learn more about the benefits of switching to solid rotor technology, download our whitepaper:

Download whitepaper: Solid rotor technology (EN) Download whitepaper: Solid rotor technology (DE) Download whitepaper: Solid rotor technology (IT)

High-speed electrical motor

Setting the new standard to reach higher speeds with solid rotor technology. High-speed electrical motors give your turbo application:

  • Gearless, direct-drive solution
  • Up to 1.5 MW and 15,000 rpm
  • Simpler, fewer components
  • Lower maintenance needs
  • 50% more compact and easier to install
  • High mechanical strength
  • Extreme thermal stability
  • Capability to reach higher system efficiencies
  • Thousands of solid rotor motors delivered with zero rotor failures


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