Solid rotor induction motor and rotor

Solid rotor induction motors

The Switch turbo induction motors replace a mechanical gearbox by an electrical one to give you full speed control for your system. By integrating an electrical motor with the load machinery, you get unmatched space and weight savings.

In its simplest form, a solid rotor is purely a machined ferromagnetic steel bar. To increase performance, additional enhancements may be applied, such as slitting, adding a high conductive end ring or even including a rotor cage.

Even better, this solution offers higher energy efficiency and savings.

Other unbeatable advantages

High efficiency

Full speed control ensures operational efficiency and energy savings. High motor efficiency even under partial loads.

Compact and lightweight design

Up to 50% smaller in size by integrating electric motor and load machinery. Simple construction creates a cost-effective system. Easily scalable at high power and speed ranges.

Advanced rotor and stator technology

Sophisticated solid rotor construction gives superior mechanical strength to avoid unbalanced vibrations. Tolerates high centrifugal forces and aggressive chemicals.

High availability and reduced maintenance need

Robust direct drive with fewer mechanical and electrical components.

Exceptional reliability

High mechanical integrity, rigidity and durability. High thermal durability.

Solid rotors tolerate high centrifugal forces and maintain stability in all applications. They also offer better mechanical strength and avoid unbalanced vibrations. A solid rotor is the most stable type available as it can maintain its balance effectively.