The Switch turbo rotor

The age of the gearbox is slowly starting to fade, and a new standard is on the rise. For the first time, the superior technology presently available only for a few large-volume customers is now being offered as standardized packages. Now unrivaled cost and compact size advantages are easily affordable for a wider range of high-speed applications.

Setting the new standard

A solid rotor induction motor is a unique type of induction motor with a non-laminated rotor construction. The stiff construction offers unmatched stability and balance, providing exceptional rotating system reliability for all types of high-speed applications.

Based on more than two decades of experience, our same solid rotor technology is now available as standardized motors paired with drives in powers of 100 to 600 kW and speeds of 6,000 to 21,000 rpm.

Eliminate the gearbox

The robust solid rotor motor eliminates the need for a gearbox, while allowing the application to reach higher speeds and availability.

Fewer components, lower maintenance needs

Mechanical problems associated with gearboxes are no longer an issue. Fewer components also reduce the need for extra parts and maintenance.

Superior durability, unsurpassed efficiency, 50% more compact

The solid rotor construction provides high mechanical strength and stability, so higher motor efficiencies can be reached. The structure is also more compact and lighter in weight, requiring up to 50% less space than a conventional design.

Investment payback in 2 years

Each application can take advantage of full speed control over the entire range, ensuring system efficiency and energy savings. Some companies have already been able to realize a return on their investment in as little as 2 years.

Cheaper, faster, better…ask us more!

Applications that can benefit

  • Fans and turbo blowers
  • Vacuum systems in paper machines
  • Turbo generators
  • Industrial air compressors
  • Gas compressors
  • Chiller compressors
  • Turbo pumps