Leveraging our proven solutions

Our cutting-edge technology opens up new opportunities to harness the large amounts of energy available from wave and tidal resources, and helps to create commercially-viable solutions. We are leveraging our proven solutions in multi-megawatt wind power generation to increase annual energy production of ocean energy devices and minimize their total life cycle costs. 

Permanent magnet performance

Our permanent magnet (PM) generator and frequency converter packages are designed for best overall system efficiency and highest-level reliability. They have an extremely high average availability in all operating conditions and deliver superior efficiency over the entire speed range.

All of our solutions are designed for smooth operation in environmentally challenging conditions and feature a highly serviceable design. PM generator technology eliminates the use of wearing parts, which ensures fewer failures and significantly reduces the need for maintenance.

Permanent magnet generators

Permanent magnet generators

Thanks to improved density, a permanent magnet generator (PMG) is compact and lightweight, which leads to greater flexibility with limited space restrictions typically required in tidal and wave applications. The Switch PMGs provide excellent availability and highest efficiency also in partial loads. When combined with our full-power converters, The Switch PMGs meet the latest power quality and grid compatibility requirements.

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Full-power converters

Full-power converters

The Switch full-power converters have been designed specifically for demanding power applications. They are optimized to work with a wide range of PMG concepts. Each converter series is built to best match specific wave or tidal conditions and applications.

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Atlantis Resources, UK

Atlantis chose our integrated medium-speed PM generator for its newest AR1500 turbine, one of the world’s highest yield tidal energy generation devices designed for extreme environmental conditions.

Water Wall Turbine, Canada

WWT selected The Switch’s 500 kW frequency converter for its innovative self-floating power plant to extract potential and kinetic energy from large, fast moving water currents for conversion into electric energy.

Wello Penguin, Finland

The Wello Penguin, a uniquely designed 1,600-ton vessel, utilizes a low-speed PM generator and frequency converter to capture kinetic energy and turn it into usable power while riding the waves. Special features include the vertical installation of the generator axis and the converter’s rocking platform.