Lowering the cost of energy made simple

We are committed to improving annual energy production (AEP) and minimizing total life cycle costs (TLC), along with cutting back on operational costs. This formula works even better with renewables – as the cost of wind, wave and tidal, and solar is free!

Brochure: Lowering the cost of energy

1: Increase annual energy production

High availability and great efficiency curves make a winning combination to boost annual energy production (AEP). The simplest way to increase AEP is to keep turbines or solar plants up and running to produce a constant stream of high-quality energy.

The Switch permanent magnet generator (PMG) technology ensures fewer failures and requires less maintenance while delivering superior efficiencies over a wide range of wind speeds.

All The Switch products feature a highly serviceable design to minimize the need for maintenance and increase production time, leading to the highest possible availability.

2: Minimize total life cycle costs

Cutting back on total life cycle costs means scrutinizing the expenses associated with both the initial capital investment as well as the operating and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the equipment.

Permanent magnet generator (PMG) solutions may involve slightly higher investment costs than conventional solutions, but they impress with extremely low expenses for operation and maintenance.

All The Switch products require minimal maintenance and feature a highly serviceable design to speed up maintenance routines.

3: Extend lifetime of the equipment

A good purpose-built design, well-selected materials and components, and a carefully planned maintenance program can lengthen the lifetime of the equipment substantially.

For example, a well-designed drive train minimizes cogging torque, reducing the amount of vibration and lengthening the lifetime of all components.

Current The Switch designs have already been calculated to last longer than 20 years.

4: Boost the quality of electricity

The success of renewable energy depends on the quality of electricity it feeds into the grid.

The Switch renewable energy solutions have always demonstrated superior grid connection behavior. Our full-power converters (FPC) support fault ride-through and fulfill the world’s strictest grid code requirements, including the German BDEW 2008.

Our 3 MW units have been tested on site and passed all grid code requirements, even for the latest Chinese regulations. Low flicker, electrical noise emission and THD of <1.5%, the lowest of any in the entire industry, also support the final quality of electricity fed to the grid.