Join us at the EWEA Annual Event 2012 to lower the cost of energy

The Switch has taken a closer look at how to decrease the cost of energy. The formula for lowering the cost of energy is ultimately very simple: Lower overall capital investment costs, equipment lifetime O&M costs and fuel costs while boosting the amount of energy generated.

Increase annual energy production
High availability and great efficiency curves make a winning combination to boost annual energy production (AEP). The simplest way to increase AEP is to keep turbines running. The Switch permanent magnet generator (PMG) technology ensures fewer failures and requires less maintenance while delivering superior efficiencies over a wide range of wind speeds.

Minimize total life cycle costs
Cutting back on total life cycle costs means scrutinizing the expenses associated with both the initial capital investment as well as the operating and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the equipment. PMG solutions involve slightly higher investment costs than conventional solutions, but they excel at keeping costs down with much lower expenses for operation and maintenance over time. All products from The Switch require minimal maintenance and feature a highly serviceable design to speed up maintenance routines.

Extend lifetime of the equipment
A good purpose-built design, well-selected materials and components, and a carefully planned maintenance program can lengthen the lifetime of the equipment substantially. For example, a good drive train design minimizes cogging torque, reducing the amount of vibration and lengthening the lifetime of all components. Current designs from The Switch have already been calculated to last longer than 20 years.

The Switch believes strongly in the future of new energy as a major contributor to the world’s growing energy needs. But the only way to succeed is to make sure that the costs of producing quality energy are as low as they can possibly be.

Visit us at the EWEA Annual Event 2012, booth C4-A30, and learn how to lower the cost of energy for your turbine!

The Switch - Levelized cost of energy campaign 2012

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The Switch - EWEA Annual Event 2012_ Join us to lower the cost of energy

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