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shaft line

Dimensioning the shaft line for a shaft generator or propulsion motor

With an electric machine on the shaft line, we face new considerations in shaft line dimensioning. The bearings in the shaft line are common to both the shaft line and the electric machine, and the shaft line is directly connected to the machine rotor. Thus, torsional vibrations, lateral vibrations and rotor deflection must be considered.

marine electrical drives

New test center verifies large marine electrical drives

Marine engineers, investors and builders are in a tight spot these days. There’s the pinch of approaching regulation deadlines and the stress of using new technology rather than familiar, well-tried equipment. We understand. Change is costly and stressful.


Solving marine DC distribution, selectivity, redundancy and safety issues

The marine industry is evolving rapidly to meet 2023 IMO-mandated emissions deadlines – and the ones to follow. To accomplish this, long-established methods and equipment are being reevaluated, upgraded or replaced.

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