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cut fuel costs PM shaft generator breakthrough Saving fuel with a DC-Hub

5 ways to cut fuel costs and emissions

Today, we are on a mission to help transform the marine industry to cut fuel costs and emissions by creating energy sustainably, containing energy effectively and consuming energy responsibly. Here are five technologies that our system integrator and OEM partners can use to do so.

It’s time to consider a PM shaft generator

COVID-19 has slowed down the world. The marine industry is slow to begin with – and now even slower. Still, some progressive bulk carrier and oil tanker companies are placing orders for future vessels. Why? Read in this new marine blog post.

DC-Hub is the best solution for cost efficiency

What kind of shipowner are you? Are you the type to simply go around switching off the air conditioning and laying off employees to keep costs in line? Or are you determined to lower costs through investments in the best technology?

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