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Carbon taxes can help the sea turn green

Hege Økland, CEO of NCE Maritime CleanTech, urges for more concrete actions to make our seas clean again. For example, she is a strong advocate of the carbon tax policy. But do you believe such measures might help?

Are you IMO 2020 compliant?

On January 1, the IMO 2020 rule went into effect, reducing the amount of sulfur allowed in marine fuels to 0.5%. With over 170 countries on board, the benefits should add up quickly. But if you’re not compliant already, what’s the best way to adapt?

PM machines – new technology for a conservative industry

For us, the marine business is more conservative and complex than the wind industry where we started. Convincing the historically conventional stakeholders of the superiority of PM technology is challenging. Yet still, the progress made is great.

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