Mastering DC distribution for ultimate marine drive efficiency

Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch advances the marine industry with electric propulsion solutions based on permanent magnet machines and generators. In fact, we are the market leader in direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generators. Marine hybrid drives increase marine fuel savings for offshore and service vessels, ferries, cruise lines or even superyachts.

Poseidon Power Portfolio

Whether you’re planning to power your vessels to be diesel electric, hybrid or fully electric, Poseidon Power is here to enable you to reach lower or zero emissions, higher profitability and future-flexibility to meet any upcoming changes with calm assurance.

PM shaft generators

Permanent magnet (PM) shaft generators

PM technology offers vessels unprecedented benefits, including high power density, better reliability and lower operational costs.

  • More compact, lighter in weight and smaller in size than traditional solutions
  • Allows the generation of cheaper electricity
  • Simple mechanical construction reduces maintenance and increases reliability
  • Enables the diesel engine to be run at variable speed
  • Various operational modes, including Take Me Home and Boost
  • Available as direct drive or a geared solution
  • More than 40 PM shaft generators now successfully sailing
  • Increased redundancy due to dual windings and rapid disconnection of rotor


The Switch DC-Hub offers a ring network for multi-megawatt DC power systems.

  • Built from proven single drive units for marine
  • Provides a vessel with a flexible choice of power generation, energy storage, charging, propulsion power and clean power
  • All connected with a DC link, the backbone of the DC-Hub
  • An intelligent solution for multi-megawatt DC distribution
  • Increases availability and redundancy
  • Eliminates the use of an AC switchboard

Marine single drive

Single drive

Since the beginning, our stainless steel The Switch single drives are designed and built without compromise for harsh marine applications and vessels that emit low or no emissions.

  • Lightweight, compact panels
  • Exceptionally high power density
  • Available in a wide range of low-voltage powers from 600 kW to 12 MW
  • Passive front-end input is available for 2-quadrant operations
  • Active front-end for 4-quadrant operations
  • Over 1,100 rugged single drives delivered
  • 15 years of proven field experience around the world
  • Applications range from propulsion to drilling


The Switch permanent magnet (PM) machines are perfect to boost efficiency at any power, any speed. They fit well for conventional shaft lines and L-type propulsors.


  • Vertically or horizontally mounted
  • Very high efficiency compared to conventional solutions
  • Compact design


  • From 200 kW to 15 MW, with low, medium and high speed
  • Proven, unmatched power density
  • Considerably cuts back on fuel consumption and operating costs
  • Runs quietly with minimal vibrations
  • Flexible design configurations
  • Simple mechanical construction reduces maintenance and increases reliability
  • Adjustable speed control
Marine propulsion and drives
Gensets and marine power drive train

Single drive trains and gensets

Our own designed and purely marine-built single drives or DC-Hubs are a perfect match for our permanent magnet machines to secure seamless integration.

  • Matched interfaces
  • Tested and guaranteed
  • Ultimate efficiency and operational costs
  • One-stop shop for service and spare parts


  • Variable speed operation results in fuel savings at partial loads
  • Significantly more compact than traditional solutions
  • Can be a standalone or integrated into diesel engine
  • Minimal need for maintenance thanks to its reliable construction


Tarbit Shipping, Sweden

Tarbit Shipping wanted to optimize its cargo operations as well as achieve economical operations in sailing. In addition, the vessels aimed to have PTI Take Me Home mode and PTI Boost mode. WE Tech chose The Switch PM shaft generator, which is driven by the main engine, to handle the cargo operations of the advanced LNG fueled tankers. In this mode, the propeller shaft is disconnected and the gas fueled main engine drives the shaft generator in variable speed.

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North Sea Giant

North Sea Giant, one of the world’s largest and most advanced subsea construction vessels (OSV), has installed an innovative cost-saving solution to save fuel, emissions and maintenance costs. This system, based on The Switch’s unique Electronic Bus Link (EBL), enables the 18,151 GWT vessel to change between its diesel engines, running just one of its diesel engines during many operations, when necessary, rather than the standard three it used at all times in the past.
Photo source: North Sea Shipping

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Viking Princess

Eidesvik’s offshore supply vessel (OSV) Viking Princess can now operate with only three generators instead of four after a pioneering retrofit of an energy storage solution with an advanced The Switch DC-Hub at its heart. The move helps the 5,381 GWT ship save around a ton of fuel every day.
Photo source: Eidesvik

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Terntank Rederi, Denmark

These novel product tankers are not only equipped with a low pressure gas dual fuel 2-stroke main engine but also with the direct-drive PM shaft generator solution provided by WE Tech. The direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator is connected directly to the propeller shaft, so no step-up gearing is required.


Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch signed its largest marine contract to date to provide 16 DC-Hubs and 32 frequency converters for a revolutionary new shuttle tanker concept developed by Teekay and Wärtsilä. The four tankers will be built by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea, and deliveries to Wärtsilä are set for September 2018.
Photo source: Teekay

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ESL Shipping, Finland

WE Tech received an order to deliver The Switch direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator solution to two new 25,600 dwt dual-fueled handysize bulk carriers, with an option for two more. The vessels are owned by the Finnish ship owner ESL Shipping Ltd., and built at Qingshan Shipyard of Sinotrans & CSC SBICO in China.

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Saga LNG Shipping, China

The Switch received a PM shaft generator order with an option of one more from the energy-efficient solution provider WE Tech for an LNG carrier owned by Saga LNG Shipping Pte. Ltd. Deliveries will commence in October 2016.

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Transport Desgagnés, Canada

The Switch delivered its direct-drive PM shaft generators to WE Tech for a series of 2+2 new building vessels for Canada-based Transport Desgagnés, Inc. These new vessels will be built by Besiktas Gemi Insa A.S. Turkey.

Wallenius Shipping, Sweden

The Switch delivered its direct-drive PM shaft generators to WE Tech for a series of four new building vessels from Wallenius Shipping AB.