Taking marine drives to the world

The Switch is advancing the world of electrical drive trains in marine. In 2016, the company acquired Wärtsilä’s marine drives business encompassing megawatt-class power drives. This Yaskawa-backed investment enables The Switch to offer a stronger machine & drive package, broader product range and wider market access.

Today, The Switch creates drive train solutions specifically optimized for marine applications. The company is now broadening its marine business portfolio with permanent magnet applications, an area that is growing rapidly with the acceptance of this technology to help vessels become more efficient by slashing operating costs.

The Switch’s power drive products already used as proven elements for over a decade within Wärtsilä’s systems have passed various approval requirements. Currently, hundreds of ships are sailing with these rugged drives, making them attractive to marine customers who want to reduce risk while upgrading to more advanced drive train solutions and hybrid systems.

With an installed base of over 13 GW, The Switch’s innovative drive trains are making an impact by lowering the cost of energy and operations.

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Permanent magnet technology


Our permanent magnet (PM) machines and frequency converters are game changers when it comes to reaching the highest energy efficiency, lowering the cost of operations and complying with future environmental legislation and safety regulations. The PM machine can be used either as a generator or a motor.

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Shaft generators


For shaft generators, our mechanical solution based on permanent magnet generators (PMG) and frequency converters allows the auxiliary generators to be off most of the time and enables the ship to operate at variable speed while producing electricity.

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Electric propulsion


In electric propulsion, The Switch offers special seafaring vessels, like ferries, cruise lines, tugboats and icebreakers, the opportunity to take advantage of lower operational costs by optimizing the fuel consumption of the diesel engine.

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Terntank Rederi, Denmark

These novel product tankers are not only equipped with a low pressure gas dual fuel 2-stroke main engine but also with the direct-drive PM shaft generator solution provided by WE Tech. The direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator is connected directly to the propeller shaft, so no step-up gearing is required.

ESL Shipping, Finland

WE Tech received an order to deliver The Switch direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator solution to two new 25,600 dwt dual-fueled handysize bulk carriers, with an option for two more. The vessels are owned by the Finnish ship owner ESL Shipping Ltd., and built at Qingshan Shipyard of Sinotrans & CSC SBICO in China.

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Transport Desgagnés, Canada

The Switch delivered its direct-drive PM shaft generators to WE Tech for a series of 2+2 new building vessels for Canada-based Transport Desgagnés, Inc. These new vessels will be built by Besiktas Gemi Insa A.S. Turkey.

Saga LNG Shipping, China

The Switch received a PM shaft generator order with an option of one more from the energy-efficient solution provider WE Tech for an LNG carrier owned by Saga LNG Shipping Pte. Ltd. Deliveries will commence in October 2016.

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Wallenius Shipping, Sweden

The Switch delivered its direct-drive PM shaft generators to WE Tech for a series of four new building vessels from Wallenius Shipping AB.

Tarbit Shipping, Sweden

Tarbit Shipping wanted to optimize its cargo operations as well as achieve economical operations in sailing. In addition, the vessels aimed to have PTI Take Me Home mode and PTI Boost mode. WE Tech chose The Switch PM shaft generator, which is driven by the main engine, to handle the cargo operations of the advanced LNG fueled tankers. In this mode, the propeller shaft is disconnected and the gas fueled main engine drives the shaft generator in variable speed.

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