The Switch DC-Hub

The Switch DC-Hub is built from our proven building blocks to provide a vessel with a flexible choice of power generation, energy storage, charging, propulsion power and clean power – all connected to the DC bus, the backbone of The Switch DC-Hub. It comes with a suite of four game-changing building blocks to secure ride-through operations. Vessels can continue operating at full power, unaffected by any electrical fault.

These proven blocks make it easy for you to build your own DC-Hub to fit the exact needs of your vessel. For system integrators, our simulator allows you to develop the configuration without hardware. Our maintenance tools are purpose-built for the job.

The Switch DC-Hub includes the following building blocks:

  • Motor/generator inverter (MI/GI)
  • Active front end (AFE) for grid connection
  • Electronic Bus Link (EBL) to connect DC-Hubs together
  • DC/DC chopper to connect DC sources to the system

Full suite for safety

The Switch Electronic Bus Link

The Switch Electronic Bus Link (EBL) connects the vessel’s DC-Hubs and protects against faults between DC-Hubs. The DP3-rated and DNV-approved EBL provides protection outside the DC-Hub by splitting onboard grids in microseconds to isolate any faulty DC-Hub.
  • Ensures complete redundancy
  • Forms a ring network from multiple DC-Hubs
  • Guarantees selectivity between DC-Hubs
  • DP3 tested and approved by DNV

The Switch Electronic DC Breaker

The Switch Electronic DC Breaker (EDCB) protects against short-circuit faults inside a DC-Hub and ensures ride-through. The semiconductor-based device disconnects any failing drive module within 10 microseconds from the common DC link.
  • Ensures least possible energy disruption
  • Cuts and isolates faults within 10 microseconds
  • Integrated in every inverter connected to a common DC link
  • Prevents any voltage drop, enabling ride-through

The Switch Electronic Current Limiter (ECL)

Connects the battery directly to the DC link to protect it from external failure and ensure ride-through. It functions similar to the EBL.

The Switch Battery Short-Circuit Limiter (BSCL)

Restricts any short-term current from batteries, immediately blocking the short-circuit system. This allows more batteries to be connected to the electrical system and fewer DC-Hubs, making the entire system more compact.

Easy to configure with our library of building blocks

  1. Choose building blocks from the library
    • Application
    • Electrical parameters
  2. Select your DC link configuration
  3. Define your power scope and physical size

No compromises in features, materials or solutions

Ready for harsh marine operation

  • Allows system-level optimization and easy at-sea servicing
  • Rigid foundation with vibration dampers
  • Can be connected to the vessel’s freshwater cooling system

Unique ultrafast semiconductor-based protection concept

  • Suite of 4 fit-for-purpose, game-changing products
  • Electronic DC Breaker (EDCB) is unique in the market
  • Ride-through capability

Fast and reliable maintenance

  • Crew can change the module
  • Power module precharge included
  • Fast AC and DC connectors in power module
  • Closed IP44 power module and cabinet structure
  • No bolt connections in the main electrical path