The Switch DC-Hub for multi-megawatt DC power distribution

The Switch DC-Hub

The Switch DC-Hub is built from our proven building blocks to provide a vessel with a flexible choice of power generation, energy storage, charging, propulsion power and clean power – all connected to the DC bus, the backbone of The Switch DC-Hub. It comes with two game-changing building blocks to secure ride-through operations. Vessels can continue operating at full power, unaffected by any electrical fault.

These proven blocks make it easy for you to build your own DC-Hub to fit the exact needs of your vessel. For system integrators, our simulator allows you to develop the configuration without hardware. Our maintenance tools are purpose-built for the job.

The Switch DC-Hub includes
the following building blocks:

  • Motor/generator inverter (MI/GI)
  • Active front end (AFE) for grid connection
  • Electronic Bus Link (EBL) to connect DC-Hubs together
  • DC/DC chopper to connect DC sources to the system

Marine-specific design

Future-flexibilityNo compromises in features, materials or solutions
DurabilityVery simple and robust cabinet structure
Copper-based cooling systemNo water station needed, can be connect to a vessel’s freshwater cooling system
Smooth operationsStiff pedestal and vibration dampers under cabinet
IP44 enclosure for both power module and cabinetRobust for the environment and protects sensitive components against failure

Our unique, ultra-fast DC distribution protection method makes low-voltage DC power distribution safe, efficiency and redundant for fully electric and hybrid vessels.

The Switch Electronic Bus Link

Protection on the outside by splitting onboard grids in microseconds

Isolates any faulty DC-Hub, making sure other DC-Hubs are not affected and ensuring complete DC distribution system redundancy. Each DC-Hub works independently to secure power availability for safe and seamless operations.

Vessel systems can share energy between DC-Hubs. Breakers can be closed during normal operation to optimize energy flow and fuel consumption.

Forms a ring network from multiple DC-Hubs, ensuring redundancy no matter how large the system.

DP3 tested and approved by DNV.

The Switch Electronic DC Breaker

Protection on the inside against short-circuit faults

An ultra-rapid semiconductor-based electronic breaker integrated inside inverter modules connected to a common
DC bus to protect against short-circuit faults. Based on high-resolution current measurements and predictable protection.

Increases redundancy within a DC-Hub by detecting, cutting and isolating any critical fault in 10 microseconds – much faster than the milliseconds needed to cut a conventional fuse. Prevents any voltage drop, enabling ride-through.

Configure your own The Switch DC-Hub

  1. Choose building blocks from the library
    • Application
    • Electrical parameters
  2. Select your DC link configuration
  3. Define your power scope and physical size

Power modules

  • High-power module with EDCB for high-power applications
  • Flexible module with EDCB to combine functionalities
  • Half module with EDCB for small powers
  • Electronic Bus Line (EBL) connects The Switch DC-Hubs together

Power modules built for marine

Integrated EDCBA dedicated, fast and predictable protection device for the power module
Robust power modules for marineNo compromises in features, materials or solutions
Digital gate driver with fast measurementsProvides accurate data for condition monitoring 
No du/dt filters neededSimplified maintenance, save costs 
Fast connectors in power moduleEnables fast and and easy service by the vessel crew
IP44 enclosure for both power module and cabinetRobust for the environment and protects sensitive components against failure