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The Switch focuses on electrifying the world with game-changing green technologies. We care for the environment, but not only the natural one. We also care for our working environment and our fellow colleagues. We treat all employees equally. Together, we are committed to fostering a physically and psychologically safe environment in which everyone is treated with respect and individual differences are welcomed. By joining us, you have the opportunity to work in a growing, global and future-oriented business. Each person working for us has been chosen to be among the selected few to change the game in our industries.

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Meet some of your future colleagues

Andreas Giannakis, R&D Engineer, Power Electronics

Andreas Giannakis, R&D Engineer, Power Electronics

Less than a year ago, and after spending five years at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (four years for completing Philosophy of Doctorate and one year as a Postdoctoral researcher), it was time for me to make the big step and move to industry. I must say that these five years working experience with power electronics in academia have helped me to obtain a solid background and the necessary knowledge required by the industry world. However, I made the decision to move to industry since the more “realistic” job environment that industry offers had always been more attractive to me compared to the more “ideal” world of academia.

When starting the job at The Switch, I was very excited to work with the development of power electronic products for marine applications. In simple words, I was excited to work with high power converters that several ships are currently using for their electrification system. One year later, I must say that I still have the same excitement.

My first year as an employee at the company has been very interesting and productive in every aspect. I have been working mostly with the development of the FSD2020 products, and especially the development of the EBL3.0 family. Simulations and lab testing have been my main responsibilities so far. Besides the work itself, the work environment at The Switch in Trondheim is also very nice and enjoyable. I work closely with a few senior power electronics engineers, and that has helped me to expand my knowledge and skills as well as to gain more experience. I also appreciate the flexibility regarding the working hours that the company offers.

Today, I look forward to being a significant part of the development of new high power converter products, or contributing to the improvement of the FSD2020 products that The Switch currently offers.

Apart from work, I like to spend my spare time with my dog. We take long walks together, exploring all the mountain areas around Trondheim. I also enjoy playing football and basketball. Last but not least, I like to spend time with friends in coffee shops.

Topias Hyttinen, Test Systems Engineer

Topias Hyttinen, Test Systems Engineer

Less than a year after moving to Lappeenranta for my studies, I had my first day at The Switch as a Logistics Operator trainee. I had learned to operate a forklift during my previous job at a certain department store, so I had something to begin with. I didn’t know where this summer employment would ultimately bring me. But here I am, over four years later, still working at The Switch!

During the last four years, I have worked in logistics, purchasing, production and testing in a total of 6 different positions. Every position has steered me toward what I want to do when I grow up. But I feel I still have lot more to give.

Currently, I work as a Test Systems Engineer, which is also my first permanent employment role!

My responsibilities include supporting production testing, maintaining test systems and preparing for challenging customer tests. I have been given the opportunity to participate in challenging tasks and design processes, where I have learned lots of new skills and have grown up as an employee.

I really appreciate the flexibility with the working hours The Switch offers, since most of my time here I have been a full-time student while working part-time.

I like to travel and some of my hobbies, for example downhill biking, also require some time outside the weekends. I have always had great trust with my supervisors, and we get along well. So, I don’t have to worry about getting time off when needed. My supervisor knows I will perform well when required.

During my time at The Switch, I have carried out both my bachelor’s and master’s theses in collaboration with The Switch. These were great learning opportunities from both scientific and technical perspectives.

In my opinion, The Switch is a great employer for those who are interested in technology and like working in a great working community.

Majid Mirzahosseini, Specialist Structural Engineering

Majid Mirzahosseini, Specialist Structural Engineering

To the extent that I can recall, my fascination with automobiles, airplanes and mechanical tools dates back to my childhood. I believe this interest served as the catalyst for my delving into the study of physics and, more specifically, pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I ventured into the realm of design and manufacturing. Over time, I decided to enhance my knowledge in the analysis of mechanical structures, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between design and analysis as two wings that can help us stay on the right path.

Therefore, during my master’s studies in the field of mechanical engineering specialized in steel structures and digital engineering, I joined The Switch as a trainee in the performance engineering department as a structural analyst. Later, I completed my master thesis in the field of machine dynamics for the company and was immediately hired as a Structural Designer in the Performance Engineering team.

At The Switch, we design and manufacture electric machines, which require demanding precise and advanced engineering. Our team ensures the performance of these machines throughout their lifespan, covering electromagnetic, thermal and structural aspects.

Effective design, along with these analyses and simulations, is crucial for achieving the desired performance, required efficiency and necessary safety features of our products.

Currently, my role involves structural analysis and simulation of our products, primarily using finite element methods due to complexity related to the structures and loads.

It’s an honor for me to work in the friendly and serene environment at The Switch, where colleagues are supportive and nurturing. As an international employee, I appreciate the kindness and encouragement from The Switch community, working together as a large family toward mutual progress and equality.

Panu Hava, Product Manager

Panu Hava, Product Manager

After working at several other companies, I now get to apply the knowledge I gathered along the way on design and analysis at The Switch.

I’m responsible for sales support and product structures of our high-speed machines. My tasks include leading engineering projects to create deliverable product structures and also development of the key components for higher power and speed level. My typical workdays keep me busy with customers and internal stakeholders. Occasionally, I get to travel, which I enjoy.

It was quite an easy choice to go and study mechanical engineering, as I enjoyed all the subjects related to it already in high school. After working at several other companies, I now get to apply the knowledge I gathered along the way on design and analysis at The Switch.

Besides work, I particularly like to spend time with my children. Also, I enjoy sports and climbing. Climbing is in fact pure physics. And I can apply my way of thinking to find the perfect climbing strategy – you have your bodyweight and the musculoskeletal system – and you try to find a way to swing yourself upward.

At The Switch, we design and manufacture electric machines that require in-depth engineering in each project.

Without putting effort into simulations and other technical considerations, our products would never pass the acceptance tests, not to mention successful long-term operation in our customers’ actual applications.

Jonne Härkänen, Director, Customer Projects & Services

Jonne Härkänen, Director, Customer Projects & Services

Working at The Switch has been motivating, as my natural skill set has been noticed and well utilized.

Working at The Switch has been motivating, as my natural skill set has been noticed and well utilized. As a social people person, I have been given opportunities to showcase my managerial skills, first as Team Leader then Factory Manager in Lappeenranta and now Senior Manager, Customer Projects & Service. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my starting position as Design Engineer, I’m excited to be recognized for my competences.

Despite the great responsibility I’ve been given at work, I do a lot besides just work – I spend time with my family, practice martial arts and go to the gym to keep my head in a good space. The relaxed working atmosphere at The Switch really helps in balancing your life.

We have a very strong sense of togetherness and team spirit at The Switch. I’ve noticed this especially when traveling to our different units across Finland and China. Everyone is greeted with open arms and warmth. It’s nice to come to work each day, especially knowing that we’re doing something good for the world environmentally and also because we have fun at work.

Working on the breaking wave of renewable energy is interesting. You learn new things almost every day.

The atmosphere allows us to try new things, and we don’t look foolish if we don’t always succeed the first time.

Especially my team is top notch 😉. The feeling at work is energetic, and people want to take things forward on their own initiative.

Maggie Xu, HR Manager

Maggie Xu, HR Manager

Our company is just like one big family where we can express our opinions freely and cooperate equally and supportively.

One word to describe how I ended up working with human resources management is fate. I have always been interested in HR and languages. I also worked as a teacher for a while after graduating from university. I love working with people, helping them, and making them happy – in that way teaching and HR are very similar!

Most of my free time I spend playing with my two young boys. And I love to watch movies on the weekends. Traveling is a big passion of mine, and I’m looking forward to my children growing up and showing them the world.

I ended up at The Switch after a friend introduced me to the company. I’ve worked here since 2010, and truly enjoy the people and the work culture here. My job covers all HR work of both Beijing and Luan.

If asked why The Switch, and what is the main reason I am working at The Switch? I would say it is the people – and the respectful and tolerant environment. Our company is just like one big family where we can express our opinions freely and cooperate equally and supportively. We are truly looking forward to and willing to try our best to develop together with this big family.

The perks and benefits by being one of us

Work culture

We have strong team spirit – we take our work and our commitment to our customers seriously yet stay relaxed and have fun. We constantly hear positive comments about how super our colleagues are. We care for the environment, but not only the natural one. We also care for our working environment and our fellow colleagues. We always find time to celebrate – birthdays, important days or other special occasions. We have a small-company atmosphere with a low-hierarchy organization, backed by a large multinational corporation.

We enjoy a high level of engineering expertise throughout the company. We have first-hand experience with innovative products. We have flexible working hours to help balance work and family life. It is often possible to work at any of our locations, and also remotely, depending on your task.

Personal development

We offer you the opportunity to explore challenging work in the world of renewable energy with the freedom to grow and do your part in our green revolution. You’ll have the opportunity to influence your own area of work and professional development with the potential to influence your career path. Our leading minds stimulate your growth, and we want all our employees to grow with us. We offer a diverse scope of innovative work and responsibilities. You have the opportunity to work in a growing, global and future-oriented business.


We take good care of our employees’ physical and mental health. Our occupational healthcare package is extensive and created in cooperation with our employees. We offer sports, cultural and health benefits in addition to a lunch benefit . We challenge our employees to use the aerobic workout equipment at our offices during breaks to keep on top of our dynamically different daily responsibilities.

Bonus system and personnel fund

Our bonus plan is based on the team’s and your own personal targets and is evaluated every year with our board’s annual approval. We also offer the option of investing your bonuses into our special personnel fund. You pay no taxes when investing in this fund in Finland, which is based on Finland’s Personnel Fund Law.