Permanent magnet machines for marine applications

Our permanent magnet machines can be operated as a generator or a motor. They are ideal for large low-speed, direct-drive two-stroke engines. Our propulsion motors offer high efficiency with a large speed range. 

All PM machines are thoroughly tested at our own Large Drive Test Center and fulfill relevant international standards and class requirements.

Key to higher efficiency

Permanent magnet (PM) technology is key to higher efficiency in shaft generator and direct propulsion applications.

A strong magnetic field is needed to link the stator and rotor for electromechanical power conversion. Traditionally, this field was supplied by electric current through a separate winding.

With modern Neodymium magnets, the magnetic field can be created more simply and efficiently, resulting in a technically advanced machine. That’s why their use in PM machines have made them the top choice for wind power – and now also for marine.

Talking Point: 10 years in the shaft generator business – a short review

This talking point outlines our journey from newcomer to market leader in permanent magnet shaft generators. Fill out the form to read our review of the last 10 years in the shaft generator business.

Widest range of permanent magnet machines available

Optimized for 690 V. 
Other voltages available on request. 

Advantages of permanent magnet machines

Higher efficiencyNo need for magnetization power

Rotor losses close to zero
Better reliability and less maintenanceNo rotor windings, slip rings, exciters or automatic voltage regulators
Reduced space requirementsHigher air gap tangential stress results in more compact machine

Shorter and narrower, especially in low-speed applications
Enhanced shaft line dynamicsMuch smaller rotating mass and inertia

Reduced torsional vibrations, lateral vibrations and rotor deflections
  • PMM2000M

  • PMM1500M

  • PMM1000M

  • abb pmm