Peter Nyegaard Jensen: Danish Vikings fight to keep global market leadership

Competition in the global wind market has never been greater. Therefore, the Danish wind industry is aware that new technology development is more important than ever. Also at the governmental level, there is a common interest to secure Danish workplaces and Danish exports.

After last year’s shocking staff reductions at Vestas, the Danish government presented a proposal for a future new energy policy that represents a long trail towards 2050 and comes with a number of concrete initiatives for 2020. The proposals have been received with praise in the wind industry.

The proposal increases Denmark’s renewable energy targets for 2020 to 33% from 30%. This is an important signal that Denmark will continue to be at the forefront of rapidly transforming its energy system towards one based on renewable energy. It gives Danish technology development, growth and jobs.

The Danish wind power giants and the 240 sub-suppliers to the Danish Wind Industry Association will focus on the development of new technology.

Permanent magnet generators are increasingly being introduced in multi-megawatt size turbines. 3 MW wind turbines with direct drive are already on the rise, and wind turbines of more than 5 MW will be ready for grid connection in 2012.

We at The Switch are following the development with interest. Not only are we among the few companies in the world mastering permanent magnet technology, but we are also among the very few able to supply direct-drive generators above 5 MW based on proven technology.

Denmark has first-mover advantage and as Vikings intends to fight to maintain its global market leadership, focusing on large offshore turbines.

As we move towards 2020, the European waters will add another 3.7 GW of offshore wind power per year. This represents an annual market potential of approximately EUR 10 billion, of which EUR 7.6 billion is to be invested in the Northern European offshore market.

Peter is responsible for The Switch business development in Denmark and Scandinavia