PROKON and The Switch sign major direct-drive 3 MW permanent magnet generator and full-power converter deal

Vantaa, Finland  October 11, 2012 – PROKON placed another order with The Switch for 10 units of direct-drive 3 MW permanent magnet generator (PMG) and full-power converters (FPC). This contract follows a previous one for 2 direct-drive prototypes in the same class that will be ready for testing by the end of 2012. These orders strengthen PROKON’s position as a single-source power park provider.

The latest deal with The Switch allows PROKON to further support its plans to provide full turbine development and manufacturing. The fully optimized The Switch PMG and FPC packages to be used in PROKON’s P 3000 turbines enable the company’s wind parks to get the highest annual energy production.

The Switch - 3 MW permanent magnet generator for PROKON

The fully optimized The Switch PMG and FPC packages to be used in PROKON’s P 3000 turbines enable the company’s wind parks to get the highest annual energy production.

Carsten Rodbertus, Managing Director of PROKON Regenerative Energien GmbH, says PROKON appreciates the open and productive cooperation with The Switch. “We value the fact that things are discussed openly, leading to good collaboration,” he says. “Thus, we have been pleased with the experience we’ve had with The Switch on the development of the prototypes.”

The PROKON P 3000 turbines will be used only at the company’s own wind parks, which will be built in Germany and Finland. The optimized drive train packages enable PROKON to move quickly from the start with preferred permanent magnet technology for reliability, maximized yields and high-quality power that matches the strictest international grid codes, including the German BDEW 2008.

“We’re really pleased to continue collaboration with PROKON on these direct-drive turbines based on PMG technology. Despite the slow market conditions, this order verifies the fact that the wind industry still has strong players with solid financial backing who believe in modern technology to make a difference with high efficiencies. These are the companies who are positioned to take the wind industry to the next level by being a highly competitive source of quality electricity,” says Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, President and CEO of The Switch.

“We worked very closely with PROKON to develop a turbine that would provide an optimum design as well as to be easy to maintain in the field.  Our design and delivery scope included even the turbine main bearing system,” Mäkinen continues. “We’re also happy to work with customers to realize other special technical challenges.”

PROKON is one of Germany’s leading new energy companies with 17 years of experience from developing, financing and managing wind farms. Its business model is based on selling PROKON shares to assure a solid financial base. In October 2012, PROKON had over 53,500 shareholders with over EUR 965 million invested in the company.

Currently, PROKON has 5,000 MW in the planning stage, with an additional 600 MW to come in the next few years. As of January 2013, the company will also be a supplier of electrical energy, so customers can buy their electrical power directly from PROKON.

To date, the company has installed 289 wind turbines in 47 wind farms in six different German federal states as well as in neighboring Poland, where the first PROKON wind farm started up in 2011. With an installed power of 479 MW, these parks can supply energy to about 600,000 people per year.


With more than 1,000 employees, the PROKON Group is active in developing projects for the wind energy sector. Established in 1995, PROKON has installed 289 wind turbines in 47 wind parks. The turbines have a total power of more than 479 MW and have already produced over 5 billion kWh of electric power. Furthermore, PROKON is well established as a provider of ecological investments with profit-sharing rights. More than 53,500 customers have invested more than EUR 965 million to date. Since 2006, the yearly interest rate for the profit-sharing rights was 8%; from 2003 through 2005, it reached 7.25% per year. Another business area comprises the production and use of biogenic fuels. Here, PROKON is majority shareholder of the PROKON Bio-Ölwerk Magdeburg GmbH, one of the biggest bio diesel producers in Germany. Cooperating with Holzindustrie Torgau OHG, PROKON extends its scope of activities to the sustainable use of the renewable resource wood. In addition to the responsible use of timber for the production of wooden pallets, PROKON focuses on the complete utilization of sawing waste, wood residue and bark.

This story is featured in Switching on Frequently 04/2012.
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