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Greater customer value in all we do

The Switchians have been keeping busy. We have a high workload at all our locations, so we’ll be working hard to get products out the door during this summer.

The wind power industry has been under pressure during this year as expected. Still, it now looks like the largest markets of China and the US are moving forward. This brings higher hopes for 2014, which should materialize into orders already this year. China has moved decision-making for the wind parks to the provincial level, and the US has been able to come up with an extension for the production tax credit (PTC).

The Switch and others in the industry have felt the financial pinch both on the top and bottom line. This has made each player to analyze its core competences and has encouraged closer partner cooperation, another sign that the days of vertical integration are over.

At The Switch, we have enhanced our strategy. We are concentrating even more to bring value to our customers. Our employees have analyzed and discussed how they can promote greater customer value in their work.

Our work has been rewarded with numerous orders for high profile offshore projects and also volume orders for onshore turbines. We will keep working hard to develop bigger and better turbines and deliver products as needed. We will do that by continuing with our partners whose close cooperation has made it possible for us to realize our customers’ promises. I would like to thank all our stakeholders for making it possible for The Switch to endure in such a difficult business climate.

As vacation season continues, you can be sure of our extensive back-up arrangements to offer you great customer service during the entire summer.

Have a great summer,
J-P Mäkinen, President and CEO

This story is featured in Switching on Frequently 02/2013.
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