Lower your cost of energy with an optimized PMG and FPC package

Wind turbine manufacturers, owners and operators are seeking the ideal drive train configuration to increase annual energy production (AEP), minimize total life cycle costs (TLC) and fulfill the strictest grid code requirements.

The Switch Drive™ is a fully optimized permanent magnet generator (PMG) and full-power converter (FPC) package, enabling high reliability, better overall efficiency and fault ride-through (FRT) capability.

Today, PMGs and FPCs represent the most advanced technology in the wind power industry. They ensure fewer failures, due to the fact that there are no wearing parts, and require less maintenance. The use of permanent magnets requires no external power source to initiate a magnetic field. This reduces costs, simplifies the system and improves system efficiency.

The Switch product portfolio covers all wind power applications from 1 MW to 8 MW and higher, including direct-drive, medium-speed and high-speed PMGs. Our FPCs are optimized to work with our PMGs as a fully optimized drive train package.

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