The Switch - Giulio Martorelli

Breaking the limits in industrial applications

Based on our solid track record and experience in wind power, we are now actively taking our advanced drive trains to various industrial applications where breaking current technology limitations are key to lowering the cost of operations. Our permanent magnet (PM) motors, solid rotor induction motors and frequency converters help you break these limits and reach higher profitability.

We’re helping crushing and grinding applications break away from the use of gearboxes by bringing a more integrated solution with significantly higher energy efficiency and energy savings.

For oil and gas drilling applications, we’re breaking torque limits with our solution that makes full torque available from 0 rpm over the entire speed range.

Energy storage applications, too, can break away from the simultaneous limitations of supply and demand constraints by tapping into a solution that ensures flawless grid interconnection capabilities.

Combined heat and power (CHP) applications help building owners break free from expensive energy bills and gain savings through system efficiency.

And our solid rotor induction motors for compressors, pumps, fans and blowers are breaking all speed limits by running up to 12,000 rpm and beyond.

Our industrial business references already show record-breaking results:

For Swiss MAN TURBO, we were the only supplier capable of providing technology to enable their high-power compressor survive in a subsea application with aggressive gases coming straight from the well. Our first units are now installed on the seabed off the coast of Norway.

Also, our high-speed solid rotor induction motors for Runtech’s paper machine vacuum systems provide 50% energy savings, increased runnability and improved paper quality.

Why not break into a new world of opportunities?

Giulio Martorelli
Business Development & Key Account Manager