The Switch - Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen

Co-juvenating our future

Co-juvenating? Ever heard of this before? It’s a new term based on the idea of “rejuvenating” that I created for The Switchians to capture the spirit for our future. It’s a new day, with a new owner – and an enhanced opportunity to succeed.

Rejuvenating means to refresh ourselves, revive or regain our vitality. Since we have never lost our vigor, I feel we have a unique chance to co-juvenate our business success and reach a higher level together with Yaskawa.

“Co-juvenating” our future with others means that we energize ourselves and those around us by fully embracing our networking model with all of our stakeholders to execute our strategy.

Although The Switch and Yaskawa are very different in many ways, our strengths complement each other extremely well. Our contrasts give us new potential that we never could have dreamed of before. Yaskawa is nearly 100 years old; The Switch is only 8. Yaskawa offers products that we don’t have; our niche has been with products that Yaskawa doesn’t provide. Yaskawa has built up a strong international reputation with a home base in Japan; for The Switch and our customers, the Japanese market offers a huge untapped potential.

Yaskawa has chosen The Switch thanks to our track record and accomplishments, our special Switchian way of working, our product portfolio, our processes and our brand. Yaskawa has given us a solid financial foundation, enabling us to continue following our dreams.

The Switch will have the chance to help spearhead System Engineering division’s initiative to execute the company’s vision of moving into the renewables area. This will also enable us to bring our products to the vast new market area of Japan.

For our customers, our new owner will ensure a firm financial foundation, an expanded product portfolio and the potential for innovative product R&D. Yaskawa also offers our customers a considerable gateway into the Japanese market.

As a sign of strong belief in our latest developments, we have won significant repeat orders in the past few weeks from major customers in our chosen wind, marine and industrial segments.

For The Switchians and our partners, co-juvenation will bring growth opportunities and a fresh outlook for the future when working together with new colleagues and cultures.

I’m truly looking forward to co-juvenate our future with you!