The Switch again at SPS IPC Drives in Italy

May 23–25, 2017, Parma, Italy – The Switch participated at SPS IPC Drives 2017, the biggest industrial automation fair in Italy for the second year in a row to present its complete turbo drive package and take part in a steadily growing event.

SPS Parma is an important and quickly growing event that links automation manufacturers, suppliers and solution seekers from all over the world together. Covering the entire range of products of the field, the show is an excellent point for OEMs looking to Italy as a potential market for their industrial automation products and solutions.

After the great success of the sixth show in 2016, which saw a 22% increase in visitors and 11% increase in exhibitor numbers, SPS IPC Drives warmly welcomed everyone back to Parma, one of the most important economic centers in northern Italy, this May. This year, over 33,000 visitors from around the world participated in the event – representing another 16% increase in the number of visitors over last year.

Commitment to industrial energy efficiency

For The Switch, SPS Parma 2017 is the second year in a row when the company participated in the event – this time, with its own exhibition panel as part of the Yaskawa stand.

The Switch showcased its turbo drive solution at SPS Parma 2017 as a clear reflection of the company’s commitment to the industrial market. This Switch offers technologies capable of enhancing the operational and energy efficiency of industrial processes across a broad range of applications.

Conventional high-speed drive systems are known to be insufficiently efficient and too bulky. The Switch has worked hard to fix these issues. The Switch turbo drive package has eliminated the gearbox to make it smaller; and the speed is adjustable to fit any range of application.

Greater synergy with Yaskawa

Those visiting the Yaskawa stand could see The Switch high-speed solution and hear more about its remarkable energy efficiency from Giulio Martorelli, who represented the company at the show.

Giulio comments: “SPS Parma was a great opportunity to present our technology. It also provides a nice way to develop synergy within the entire Yaskawa organization and to showcase our high-speed technology for specialized applications. In fact, customers who know us from the past were pleased to see the greater synergy that Yaskawa adds to our offering.”

Apart from The Switch, the wide range of other solutions from the greater Yaskawa family, including ZF Italia, one of the Yaskawa’s distributors, VIPA Italia and Profichip, were available at the joint stand. This was a great way to demonstrate synergy and interaction within all counterparts of Yaskawa.

The complete Yaskawa stand was well organized and presented a good area for interacting with customers and the Yaskawa sales network. Many student groups also came by to become familiar with the company’s offering.

“Our special The Switch presenter looked good,” he continues. “It featured a looped slide show that explained our offering in English and Italian. Plus, visitors asked many technical questions about our 3D rotor model.”

As concrete results from the show, new marine opportunities have opened up for The Switch with Yaskawa regarding a real case as well as with ZF Italia from a synergy point of view.

Fun fact

Have you ever wondered where the show gets its name?

The word SPS stands for ‘Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerung’ in German meaning ‘programmable logic controller’, an automated machine that controls the industrial processes – and one of the key products of electric automation.

The complete Yaskawa stand was well organized and presented a good area for interacting with customers and the Yaskawa sales network.