The Switch to participate in EnergySpin

EnergySpin is a Vaasa-based energy solutions business accelerator program for global business. EnergySpin’s focus is on accelerating the growth of startup and SME companies in the EnergyTech cluster. It is a 10-week patch program for the companies from all over the world, seeking rapid growth and interested in building international business. In the core of the program is rapid prototyping, piloting of ideas and linking the emerging solutions to global value chains.

The partners behind this program are EnergyTech companies like Wärtsilä, The Switch/Yaskawa, Vaasan Sähkö, Danfoss, Citec, Wapice, VEO, Elisa, Viria, EY, Tieto, as well as the City of Vaasa, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, VASEK, Merinova, Universities and polytechnics.

In case you know a suitable company in our commercial network that would fit for this program, please contact The Switch CFO Dag Sandas on This is a great opportunity for creating partnership networks for the future business or alternative means of development together.

For more information, please visit: