Special visit from a magnet enthusiast

On Thursday, June 15, The Switch in Lappeenranta was pleased to host a very special visitor, Jamie Hyneman. Unknown to many, one of Jamie’s great interests include magnets, which is why The Switch was a great choice for an informative visit.

Jamie had a special reason to visit Finland, as he received his Honorary Doctorate from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) on Friday, June 16. He also had the opportunity to visit a few of the companies in the area that had their origins from LUT – and The Switch was among the chosen ones.

At The Switch, Jamie had a tour of the factory and got to see the magnets along with the magnet assembly. According to Jamie, the company is moving into the right direction when it comes to our products for renewables and energy savings.

Jamie explained that he has been working with magnets quite intensively throughout his life. His hosts at The Switch got to hear some exciting stories about the different projects he has been involved with. No wonder Jamie even calls himself an absolute magnet enthusiast!

After a lively exchange of various magnet ideas, Jamie needed to continue on his regional tour.

The Switch Lappeenranta was thrilled to have the international star visit the company and bring an entire new level of appreciation for the energy and work that takes place there every day.