Smooth sailing with our improved test bench

As the world around us is constantly changing, we also need to adapt to the new needs of the market to better serve our customers. One of the latest improvements in The Switch production process is moving one of our shaft generator test benches from our Vaasa location to Lappeenranta. Why? Because we always aim to find new and better ways to streamline our process while delivering quality solutions. The new improved test bench ensures that both goals are met.

The Switch moved its test bench for PMM 1000 shaft generators from its Vaasa location to Lappeenranta. The carefully planned move started around mid-April, and the improved test bench will be up and running at the beginning of the fall. By moving the test bench, The Switch can better respond to the ever-increasing order volumes of our shaft generators for marine applications.

The upgraded test bench offers several benefits both for clients as well as The Switch. Firstly, the inverter topology is upgraded from the one used in Vaasa, thus allowing us to apply more power to the tests. And increasing power levels require modern testing facilities, a demand that now can be met for our many projects. Secondly, as our machine design team is also in Lappeenranta, The Switch will be able to easily apply R&D tests and develop prototypes further. This will result in better products for our customers in the long run.

Since the PMM 1000 shaft generators are already assembled in Lappeenranta, there is no longer need for time-consuming shipping. The finished test bench allows us to expose the machines to the mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses that they are likely to face in their final application. Testing verifies that the machines are capable of functioning under conditions as specified. In addition, fatal faults, such as overheating or electrical breaks, can be detected at an earlier stage. In essence, testing at our new improved facility will provide peace of mind for the clients, as well as ensure the high standard of our products.

The team at the upgraded test bench in Lappeenranta has been involved in the design, assembly and testing of the PMM 1000 shaft generators for a long time, which makes the transition very smooth. The Switch is excited to kick off the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) for the first two machines in early September and looks forward to providing the utmost quality to meet the requirements of the marine industry.

Photo caption: The new 200 m2 test bench in Lappeenranta will be finished and fully operational at the beginning of the fall.