The Switch part of the anniversary edition of CWP

On October 17–19, China Wind Power, the world’s leading exhibition in wind energy sector held annually in Beijing, celebrated its very special 10th anniversary. Of course, this year again The Switch was there too – to celebrate this festive edition together.

Distributed generation and digitalization were two hot topics this year. And The Switch has a strong specialty in both of those areas.

For more than a decade, our advanced PMG-based drive trains have enforced the development of the most efficient wind power generation throughout the world. Delivering 10 MW class PMGs is everyday business for us.

Our converters, in turn, already use next-generation power electronic components that meet the latest grid requirements and enable increased digitalization – one of today’s most powerful and essential phenomenon in the energy industry.

We wish to say “Thank you” to everyone who visited us at the event this year. We are looking forward to creating the next vision for wind with you!

If you are looking for generators and converters that can help you with your distribution or digitalization applications, visit our Wind page to choose from our widest range of PMG packages or smart power converters available.