Break free with breakthrough technology

On Monday, October 30, the largest conference in North America devoted to shipping in the Arctic – Arctic Shipping Forum North America – kicked off in Montreal, Canada. 

The 10th annual conference brought together over 150 industry professionals and more than 50 experts to speak on a broad range of issues. These included the impact of the most recent Polar Code, new Arctic shipping designs and technologies, safety, innovation and infrastructure developments in the north and much more.

Together with Steerprop, The Switch joined this hot conversation about all things cool. Steerprop’s Senior Sales Manager Hannu Jukola and Mika Koli, Business Development Manager at The Switch, delivered a presentation entitled: “Ice-cool breakthrough for the highest propulsor efficiency.”

At the conference, Hannu and Mika presented the two companies’ new integrated solution that helps vessels break through the ice and move smoothly on to their next destination.

“We believe in energy efficiency that enables vessels to pollute less in a fragile environment while improving operational performance and competitiveness. Less fuel burned is what we achieved and can now offer to vessels to operate cleaner in the Arctic,” said Mika Koli during the speech. “How? We combined the best of our technologies and expertise to make a breakthrough solution.”

The result of this collaboration is an electrical propulsor featuring the hydrodynamic performance of Steerprop with permanent magnet technology from The Switch.

This lightweight and compact unit is highly cost effective. It delivers shipowners an unrivaled combination of efficiency, easy installation and maintenance along with minimal lifetime costs. With the highest ice classification, the innovative propulsor is especially suited for the demands of ice breaking.

“When the Arctic is your destination, our electric propulsor should be your #1 choice technically and commercially. It is literally breakthrough technology,” Hannu concluded.