Tomorrow is all about today

Using the smart solutions and technological advancements available today, anyone can help their fleet achieve and exceed the ever-higher standards of modern seafaring. It’s time to stop gazing beyond the horizon and take advantage now of today’s cutting-edge technology, which has already proven its value in application.

The Switch permanent magnet (PM) shaft generator is the choice for a ship that needs to meet environmental standards while cutting costs.

The Switch believes smart seafaring consists of three things:
Increasing efficiency
– Embracing simplicity

Focusing on the total life cycle

When you choose a PM shaft generator from The Switch, you are able to reach these targets and better compete in the harsh conditions of the modern marine industry.

Increasing efficiency

The Switch PM shaft generator helps you cut down significantly on fuel consumption. It allows for auxiliary generators to be off most of the time, and improves efficiency over the entire operating range and at variable speeds. Thanks to the PM machine, the solution is also lighter and more compact than an externally excited synchronous machine (EESM), contributing yet again to fuel savings.

Embracing simplicity

Simple, but efficient, our solutions help lower risk and provide peace of mind. The PM machine solution is easy to install because the rotor and the stator come as a single unit. This offers a significant benefit compared to the EESM, which requires a complex time-consuming installation process.

The Switch is always on the same page with the system integrator, guaranteeing smooth sailing into your new improved system solution. Every hour spent at sea and not stuck in the harbor counts. With the PM shaft generator, maintenance is less frequent and faster, giving you more running time.

The simpler mechanical construction also creates less structural noise – which is especially important when operating near a harbor or on special purpose vessels.

Focusing on total life cycle

We believe that a smart way to manage your fleet is by examining the total life cycle, not only the up-front purchase costs. The Switch PM shaft generator has a longer total life cycle than the conventional EESM, which also significantly improves your ROI.

The PM shaft generator delivers excellent performance in even the harshest conditions, resisting corrosion and temperature changes. An investment now is an investment in the future of your vessels, with cost savings and environmental benefits throughout the life cycle of your fleet.

Planning for a sustainable future

Everyone in the shipping industry knows by now that the rules of the trade are changing. The brave ones take the new regulations as a challenge and adapt their ships to meet environmental standards. Successful marine citizens do more than just obey the rules because they have to: they understand the positive correlation between prudent environmental actions and profitable business.

Simple changes can have a huge impact. The Switch PM shaft generator helps you save fuel, requires less maintenance and offers a more compact, lighter solution for modern vessels.

Lowering risk

High risk, high reward – but with The Switch PM shaft generator it doesn’t have to be like that. You can reap the rewards and lower the risk with a proven system that has already shown to work in the roughest marine conditions.

The Switch has multiple references of its PM shaft generator now operating successfully and reliably in the most demanding conditions, all the while providing high levels of performance with less fuel and a reduced need for maintenance.

Make one smart decision today to guarantee your energy needs tomorrow and keep earnings growing!