The Switch receives two quality certifications

The Switch has recently received a new environmental management certificate, ISO 14001, as well as having updated its ISO 9001 quality certification. These two certificates stand as formal proof of our internal values and policies, as well as being a guarantee to our clients that we follow international quality and environmental management system standards.

The certificates were officially received at the end of 2017. Not only were they earned to support our values and policies, certification also plays an important role for customers. We have continuously developed our management system in previous years. Over time, we performed a number of checks and made slight improvements, mainly to the systematics of documentation. Many requirements were already in place, but the thesis work on environmental systems from one of our employees helped us receive the certification.

These certificates have become a must for companies that deliver bulk or less-expensive products to a very large customer base. Since The Switch produces key components as part of heavy capital investments, all serious customers come to evaluate us onsite in any case. This certification is a guarantee that all basic requirements are already met.

We are especially happy for the ISO 14001 certification in environmental systems as it is a new certificate for us. Before this certification, we just acted responsibly, without external evaluation, except for that of local authorities. It is notable that a significant part of environmental requirements for interested parties depends on local rules and legislation, which means it is not easy to roll out globally without adding local flavor.

The Switch is excited to step into 2018 with these two new certifications!