We are a finalist for The Energy & Innovation Awards

WE Tech and The Switch have been selected as a finalist for The Energy & Innovation Awards in Vaasa.

Energy and Innovation Awards is a brand new event of EnergyWeek 2018, an annual event that takes place in the city of Vaasa in Finland and gathers the energy enthusiasts from all over the world to network and do business. Within the framework of the Energy and Innovation Awards, companies were invited to showcase their stunning cases made between 2016–2017. The competition encompassed 4 categories: digitalization, sustainability, storing and switching of energy and future of energy.

Now that all 7 finalists have been selected, it is your chance to vote and support us.


The Energy & Innovation Awards jury had a difficult task as all entries had a great amount of innovativeness and impact!

The finalists are:

  • Virta Home – World’s Smartest Electric Vehicle Home Charging Service
  • WE Tech & Switch – Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator Solutions
  • Logset – Hybrid technology in forest machines
  • Solixi Oy – Clean Energy System
  • BØthOfUs Ab – CO2CO2 puff pollution map
  • Town of Pyhäjärvi – Pyhäjärvi Pumped Hydro Energy Storage in the Pyhäsalmi mine
  • Umeå Energi Ab – Business Model Innovation within the H2020 RUGGEDISED project

The winner is going to be announced in the award ceremony on Tuesday, March 20 at 17:00 in Vaasa city hall, where all the finalists will present their case shortly.