Meet our experts at Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018

Ready to make the big switch to a bright future?

Start a cleaner future with our advanced solutions, including permanent magnet shaft generators, electric propulsion, Power Drives and DC-Hub, and allow your vessels to stay afloat and profit in the sea of fierce competition. Our products can slash operational costs at sea while still enabling profitable and sustainable shipping.

The solution is to make the switch. A switch to consuming energy responsibly, containing energy effectively and creating energy in the most sustainable manner.

To find out how to make the big switch, come and meet us at:

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 27−29, 2018

Booth #4030

Please note our special presentation given in the Technology Presentation Area on multi-megawatt DC power system using a DC-Hub that ensures stable and secure operation on vessels.

Presentation: Master your DC distribution
Speaker: Peter Reindl, Director of Engineering and R&D at The Switch
Time: Thursday, June 28 at 15:45

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