Bert, TAM for Electrical Machines, Deyang Manager

I grew up in Northern China. Ever since I was a child, I was always interested in assembling and disassembling machines. No wonder I started studying mechanics at university and worked with transformers after graduation. I always try to improve myself in the things I find interesting.

I love to go running after work and enjoy the peace and quiet at a nearby park. In my free time, I also enjoy reading – I read books on history, philosophy, and also electrical machinery because I want to learn more about these fields. My favorite thing is talking with my young daughter, and spending time with my family and friends, as well as traveling short distances to see new places.

I have worked at The Switch for over seven years now. I have a lot of responsibilities, for example, being in charge of the Deyang office in China, taking care of quality control, managing projects and overseeing the cooperation between Finnish and Chinese engineers. Originally, I worked with wind power products, but now I have also had the chance to take part in marine projects, which is exciting.