Viking Princess

Viking Princess

Viking Princess eliminates generator with revolutionary retrofit technology

Eidesvik’s offshore supply vessel (OSV) Viking Princess can now operate with only three generators instead of four after a pioneering retrofit of an energy storage solution with an advanced The Switch DC-Hub at its heart. The move helps the 5,381 GWT ship save around a ton of fuel every day.

One of the main generators of Viking Princess has been replaced by batteries connected to a DC-Hub. This energy solution allows the shipowner to reduce the operating costs, fuel consumption and emissions associated with the previous generator that is no longer needed. As a generator is one of the most vital components for producing energy on board a vessel, the shipowner required the technology to be proven, effective and reliable.

Short delivery schedule

The delivery schedule for the installation was extremely tight, with only 14 weeks from initial discussions to completion. Normally, a delivery of this scale may be expected to take between four and six months. The system was installed at Westcon Yards in Ølensvåg, Norway.

The Switch technology forms a key part of a wider energy storage solution offered by Wärtsilä.

Photo source: Eidesvik