Binzhou Dongrui Machinery Co., Ltd.

Signing the first turbo order in China

December 3, 2018 – Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch China successfully signed its first turbo motor order in October with Binzhou Dongrui Machinery Co., Ltd. and recently received confirmation on the first installment. 

Binzhou Dongrui Machinery Co., Ltd. has selected the high-speed solid rotor technology from Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch for a wastewater treatment application in China to raise efficiency and significantly cut operational costs.

An independent machinery company, Binzhou Dongrui Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on air blowers, pulp pumps for the papermaking industry and industrial mixers. This particular application is for a wastewater treatment system, which is very similar to the very first turbo project that Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch delivered in Finland over two decades ago.

The estimated delivery schedule is in April 2019 for one set of 315A solid rotor motors and another set of 355A solid rotor motors. The sales team is also talking with the customer about the Yaskawa next-generation converter.

Xinze Cao, International Business Development Director of Binzhou Dongrui says, “For years, Binzhou Dongrui has been focused on technology innovation and highly reliable products. Now Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch is bringing us innovative technology and a high-quality product from Europe. We are expecting to set the industry standard with them by being able to provide an energy-efficient and environmental wastewater treatment solution for our customers.”

Government pushes for change

“In China, the government is pushing for cleaner technology. One initiative is to replace any old or obsolete motors, control equipment or machinery operating at low efficiency with high energy consumption with modern technology. This is a good opportunity for our advanced energy-efficient products,” says David Zhao, China Country Manager, Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

“There is huge potential in the turbo market in China. Our local Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch team is learning quickly how to break into this booming market,” he continues.

​Solid rotor machines reach top speeds; no gearbox

The Switch sturdy solid rotor induction motor replaces the use of a mechanical gearbox with an electrical one to give full speed control over the entire operating range. Integrating an electrical motor with the load machinery gives unmatched space and weight savings. Even better, this solution offers higher energy efficiency and savings over conventional systems.

Information about the customer Binzhou Dongrui Machinery Co., Ltd.

Binzhou Dongrui Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with a 20-year history of manufacturing pumps and agitator products. The company has developed 16 series, more than 800 specifications of pump products and over 10 specifications of agitator products.

Apart from that, Binzhou Dongrui Machinery Co., Ltd. has been awarded as an excellent private technological enterprise, winning 7 national patents and is on the list of the National Spark Program. The company’s products enjoy great popularity all over China and have been exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Brazil, Syria, Egypt, Chile and other countries.