Bruno Schnekenburger and Manfred Stern, YASKAWA Europe

Changes in the Executive Board of YASKAWA Europe

Bruno Schnekenburger succeeds Manfred Stern as CEO

YASKAWA Europe with headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt has entered the new fiscal year 2019 with a change of executive management. Effective March 1st 2019, Manfred Stern, President & CEO of YASKAWA Europe, passes the operational leadership to Bruno Schnekenburger, presently COO of YASKAWA Europe and previously responsible for YASKAWA Europe’s robot division since 2014. Manfred Stern will continue in his assignment as regional Head of YASKAWA Europe.

“We can look back on a decade of progressive organisational development and business performance,” explains Manfred Stern, who in 2008 was the first European to be appointed to the management of the European subsidiary of the Japanese technology group.

“Not only have we been able to significantly extend our presence in Europe with a double-digit average growth in sales since 2010; we have also shaped our Executive Board into the internationally experienced European management team we have today. Based on the current 600 million euros in sales and over 1,900 employees, we now have a business that is well prepared for the next major steps of our European business strategy,” continues Stern.

“Since joining YASKAWA in 2014, Bruno Schnekenburger has made a substantial contribution to the success of the organization and is exceptionally well qualified for taking up the position of CEO,” says Stern, who will retain his position on the board of the Japanese parent company with a principal focus on further networking with organizations, social groups and politics within YASKAWA Europe.

Photo credit: YASKAWA. Bruno Schnekenburger (on the left) succeeds Manfred Stern (on the right) as President & CEO of YASKAWA Europe GmbH.