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The legacy of Poseidon lives on. He gives us the power to clean up the seas and turn them blue again, empowering us with:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Highest possible reliability
  • Superior flexibility

Whether you’re planning to power your vessels to be diesel electric, hybrid or fully electric, Poseidon Power is here to enable you to reach lower or zero-emissions, higher profitability and future-flexibility to meet any upcoming changes with calm assurance. Poseidon can show us how to control the waves of electricity with ultimate efficiency.

Poseidon Power enables you to become the master of DC distribution.

Our Poseidon Power Portfolio

  • Poseidon DC-Hub – the ring that powers all
  • Electronic Bus Link (EBL) – a unique way to cut and isolate faults in microseconds
  • Poseidon Drive – new generation now on the horizon
  • Yaskawa range of marine-certified inverters
  • Permanent magnet shaft generators
  • Permanent magnet propulsion machines
  • Permanent magnet or squirrel-cage induction machines for auxiliaries (pumps, fans and more)

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