The Switch Nor-Shipping team

Presenting Poseidon Power at Nor-Shipping

This year, the marine buzz was louder at Nor-Shipping in Oslo. Approximately 1,000 companies at 17 different national pavilions exhibited their latest portfolios to 35,000 delegates. It was a true meeting point for partners, services, innovations and expertise, giving an international flavor of key markets and marine clusters. The world has woken up to the environmental hazards at sea. Now more regulations are being put into effect, forcing all types of vessels to clean up their act.

Thanks to this changing situation, shipowners, design offices and system integrators are in a hurry to find new solutions to put today’s technology into action.

According to Asbjørn Halsebakke, Product Manager at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch in Norway: “This was truly a team effort with support from 6 different nations, and I heard 9 different languages being spoken at our stand during the exhibition. We had a great turnout of people, got several new leads, discussed with our existing network of partners – and gave teasers to those who have not yet seen the light that our drives and PMMs are the best in the market. Go Poseidon Power!”

Poseidon Power, our new marine brand to unify all our marine products, was very well received by the visitors. It seemed to be an eye catcher and got proper attention. “Several people came to mention how great, interesting and attractive Poseidon Power is,” says Ville Parpala, Director, Product Marketing, Marine Solutions.

The stand featured a light birch-colored wood floor, similar to that on a high-quality sailing vessel. Soothing sea music played in the background to create a relaxed feeling. Orange Poseidon Smoothies were served in recyclable glass bottles with paper straws. And a special magnet photo printout was a positive surprise for many – and a nice take-away gift from the stand.

As part of the wall graphics, a special magnet wall was used to present the advantages of the DC-Hubs and EBLs. It worked as a good educational training corner.

Juha Reinilä, Key Account Manager, Marine, felt that the exhibition had a positive atmosphere. “It was good to see that PM technology is now generally accepted by the marine market,” he said.

Poseidon Power SmoothiesOrange Poseidon Smoothies were served in recyclable glass bottles with paper straws.