ambassador tours factory

Prestigious visitors tour the Lappeenranta factory

On Thursday, September 12, Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch had the honor of hosting very prestigious guests at out Lappeenranta factory. H.E. Ambassador Robert Frank Pence, the US Ambassador to Finland, visited the office and toured our factory as a part of Team Finland’s USA Road Show 2019. Along with him was also a delegation of representatives from the US embassy, Team Finland and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The entire facility was excited to receive such significant guests and was pleased to have the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge technology!

Yaskawa Environmental Energy’s Chief Technology Officer Panu Kurronen and General Manager Matti Nikkinen welcomed the visitors. Panu presented the company history, our new test center that is under construction and the product offering with a special emphasis on the US markets.

The products sparked the interest of the visitors, especially the permanent magnets used in our generators. The guests were amazed at the fact that just one magnet can lift 1 ton of weight. Also, the power of our turbo products resulted in astonished looks among the visitors.

During the tour, a comment was made about how quiet it is in the factory. The guests said the factories they usually visit are extremely noisy. Our factory’s quiet noise levels really made a positive impression. At the Lappeenranta factory, Yaskawa Environmental Energy assembles parts that make up larger components, which are then sold to customers. The assembly is in fact a very delicate and precise art, making it a quiet job.

The group discussed the market situation for renewable energy in the factory while being shown the sub-assemblies for wind turbines as well as the electric motors for marine vessels. Even though the demand for renewable energy is increasing, there have been numerous consolidations, resulting in fewer players on the market. This has impacted the dynamics of and competition within the market.

The visit was part of Team Finland’s Road Show 2019, which is directed at companies interested in the US market. The guests attended an international business seminar at the LUT University in Lappeenranta prior to the visit.